Mining Claims

We currently have claims in 3 counties where members can search for gold, relics and just plain enjoy the outdoors.  Each year we will be adding new ground for members to explore!

Some of the gold claims are open to camping while others are not.   Where camping is not allowed there are campgrounds and motels within a few minute drive of the mining claims (these areas along with nearby amenities will be thoroughly explained in the  mining guide).

CGC Rules and Regulations will apply to every claim and property made available to its members.

Claim Jumping and Mineral Trespass will NOT be tolerated!

(1) A person commits the crime of mineral trespass if the person intentionally and without the permission of the claim holder or person conducting the mining operation:

(a) Interferes with a lawful mining operation or stops, or causes to be stopped, a lawful mining operation;

(b) Enters a mining claim posted as required by law and disturbs, removes, or attempts to remove any mineral from the claim site;

(c) Tampers with or disturbs a flume, rocker box, bedrock sluice, sluice box, dredge, quartz mill, or other mining equipment at a posted mining claim; or

(d) Defaces a location stake, side post, corner post, landmark, monument, or posted written notice within a posted mining claim.

(2) Mineral trespass is a class C felony and carries jail time.