Member Finds/Testimonials

Member Finds and Testimonials

-What a great day.  I have to tell you that everyone I met was great and I enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone.  Sure is nice to meet folks with common interest and a good deal of prospecting knowledge. As for the Base Camp area and the Gold.  There seems to be plentiful

Happy Miner with results from one pan on bedrock!

gold spread throught the claim, and I was amazed at how much area there is to work.  Everything from river gravel, tailings, bedrock, and even some virgin ground I believe.  As this was my first time to the area, I took a shotgun approach and sampled many different areas.  CGC is very helpul and his advice was right on. The river gravel is loaded with fine gold and the occasional bigger pieces.  Every bucket I sluiced had gold big enough that I could pick it out of the ribbed matting with tweezers.  I was lucky enough to find a real nice picker  and also found another couple of pieces that I could pick up with my fingers.
Kevd had the find of the day with a genuine nugget. The potential is certainly there for this area to produce some nice pieces of gold.  I honestly haven’t found areas in CO that can produce pickers and nuggets consistantly if at all, I believe this one will.
Can’t ask for better folks to prospect with.  When you have a guy find a nugget then tell you where he found it and to go ahead and dig in the area, speaks volumes.

-I had a great time! my hands are finally warming up from how cold that river was! I finished panning out my cons and was really happy with what i got! Lots of nice chunky pieces! Every test pan i did had gold in it and I did about 8 to 10 test pans.  I went up and down the river a bit, high ground, low ground, in and out of the water and never had an empty pan!! that rarely happens!! that entire area holds good amounts of gold and i just barely scratched the surface of it. I’m looking forward to joining the club and getting my share of the yellow!

-Hi All,

One Pan Close Up

To all of you out there reading this forum I just want to say that CGC is the real deal.  I have never met anybody that trys so hard to help people have a good time and show them the right way to high bank , sluice , pan or what ever.  He just wants people to learn and enjoy.  CGC you are a very special person in my books and I really am honored to have met you.  For you folks that were not able to get out this weekend you really missed a good time.  Everybody I met from all over the state was willing to help each other.  This is a very special group of people.  Urb, H2 and the rest of the guys I’ve met this year I want you all to know you will fit in real nice with this bunch because they are just like you all willing to help others.  Last but not least is the gold.  It seems to be real plentiful  I haven’t cleaned up my cons yet but I did find some chucky stuff in my sluice box.   I am getting a family membership so my wife can go and enjoy the outings. One last thing.  Co. sl, thank you so much for helping haul all my heavy stuff back up the hill.

-Hi I had a very good time meeting and talking to everyone yesterday. The area was way more than I expected, it is huge and in a really great location.   CGC miner really knows a lot about gold and this trip was well worth it,

Picker from sluicing

Nice Picker from sluicing

thank you for making this happen. I really had a great time and I was lucky enough to find the biggest piece of the day, and by far my biggest piece ever!!! Grin Grin Tongue I look forward to joining the club and prospecting with many more great people.







Two days work!

Hit a nice pocket!












First 2 days on one of the Claims

CGC Miners Gold from Memorial Day