CGC Membership

Colorado Gold Camp is a gold prospecting club that will provide you with access to proven gold claims throughout Colorado, some of which are old productive placer patents.

You will be able to participate in many small outings, a few common digs, equipment education days and have the opportunity to prospect on your own on our proven gold claims and patents.

What sets us apart is the fact that we get out and dig often and always find gold. We have a limited amount of memberships each year in order to keep our impact minimal and to properly sample our claims.

We currently have claims in 3 counties where members can search for gold, relics and just plain enjoy the outdoors.  Each year we will be adding new ground for members to explore!

Our Badge!

Visit the CGC FORMS menu at the top of the website.  Read the rules and regulations and then select the appropriate membership page.  Once you have made payment, print out the applicable PDF Waiver form, fill it out completely and send it back to us.  Along with your filled out waiver form, please include your e mail address and screen name used on the forum so we can give you special access to the members only portion of the forum where you will find maps, driving directions and reports for all of the claims.

CGC Rules and Regulations will apply to every claim and property made available to its members.

CGC 1yr Membership

After payment is made and once we receive the waiver, you will gain access to the claims, maps and reports on the forum. Most Colorado mail is received in 1-2 days. If you are thinking about buying a membership, consider filling out the waiver and sending it in so you can get immediate access to all of the information once you become a member.
Mail Waiver to;
Colorado Gold Camp, LLC
PO BOX 3220
Frisco, CO 80443