Colorado Gold Camp was created for Coloradoans to have access to a quality, uniqe resource on the net.  The Colorado prospectors club provides members with access to great gold bearing properties.  With so much area to explore, gold and treasures waiting to be found, Colorado offers tremendous opportunities for adventure and lasting memories to be made. From places to prospect for gold, treasure hunting sites, camping, survival and outdoor mountain activities, CGC Colorado prospecting club is the place for you.  Feel free to browse our tutorials and educational guides and sign up and participate in our FREE FORUM

Let’s explore the wilds of Colorado Together!


The Meaning Behind the Colorado Flag;

-The blue bars of the flag represent the frequent blue bird skies over Colorado.
-The white bars represent the snow capped peaks of the mountains.
-The red in the C represents the red earth and dirt of Colorado. “Colorado is Spanish for, reddish color”.
-And finally the Golden Orb, represents Colorado’s golden past and Gold Rush History!!

What a fitting flag for us miners who’s brethren shaped the state!