Colorado Gold Camp

Hello fellow prospectors and treasure hunting enthusiasts!  I just wanted to formally welcome you to the site and let you know what Colorado Gold Camp is all about.

CGC is a family friendly club focused on education, preserving our public land rights and making its members successful prospectors by putting them on the gold.  You will be able to participate in many small outings, a few common digs, equipment education days and have the opportunity to prospect on your own on our proven gold claims, patents and researched areas from Denver all the way to SW Colorado.

Prospecting is about camaraderie amongst friends and getting out in the wilds, living and learning how to find that beautiful yella gold that mother nature has laid down for us.

We encourage our members to help each other learn the tricks of the trade and actually get out and dig some Colorado gold.

What sets us apart is the fact that we get out and dig often and always find gold. We have a limited amount of memberships each year in order to keep our impact minimal and to properly sample our claims.


The Free forum is an open friendly resource where you can chat with like minded individuals to share and learn about your passions.  One way to easily start your engagement in the forum is to start a new post introducing yourself to the group, or you can jump right in and share your thoughts and opinions.

Our Flag


The Meaning Behind the Colorado Flag;
-The blue bars of the flag represent the frequent blue bird skies over Colorado.
-The white bar represent the snow capped peaks of the mountains.
-The red in the C represents the red earth and dirt of Colorado. “Colorado is Spanish for,   reddish color”.
-And finally the Golden Orb, represents Colorado’s golden past and Gold Rush History!!
What a fitting flag for us miners whose brethren shaped the state!